Prototype mudguard on the Trike.

I saw this was I was away in Port Macquarie. So I’ve given ago. This is actually my second attempt. The first was about an inch away from the ground but when I sat on it, it was very close to the ground and it threw sand and gravel continuously showering me and brushing the road, the exact opposite of what I was looking for.

So its now about an inch and a half above the ground when I’m sitting on it. Yet to give it a go.

Parts List

  1. Spray Suppressor brush (from a truck guard in a half circle shape, I just straightened the piece I needed)
  2. Aluminium checker plate (Bunnings)
  3. Sail Track (Bunnings)
  4. 2 x T-Bolt Clamps (Truck supply place)
  5. Small stainless steel strap about 50mm each, I used a spare clamp which I cut with tin snips.
  6. 5 pop rivets

Process and Info

The clamp holds the s/s strap bent at right angles and pop riveted to the checker plate.

The checker plate is pop riveted to the checker plate


13mm ring spanner for the mudguard bolts. It was easier to remove the whole mudguard.

10mm for the T-Bolt


Helmet camera confusion

How can police wear helmet cameras?

Police cops speed speeding charity ride helmet cameras

If police are fining riders for wearing helmet cameras, how can police wear them without breaking the road rules?

The question has been asked by Australian Motorcycle Council representative Guy Stanford who says SOME police are misinterpreting the helmet standards and applying them to riders to harass them.

“They don’t know what they are doing and just pretending they understand the standards,” he says.

“But all they are doing is causing confusion and bringing the police into public disregard.”Annual police speed crackdown

Police are bound to road rules as are all motorists and only allowed to speed while responding to priority one or two jobs and to go through a red light after stopping to ensure it was safe to do so.

If wearing a helmet camera is interpreted as breaking the road rules, then aren’t police also breaking the road rules, unless they only wear them when responding to emergency situations as above?

We asked NSW police that question as they seem to misinterpreted the helmet standards and have fined at least two riders.

The following response was attributed to a NSW Police Spokesperson: “NSW Police continue to use a range of technology for the benefit of road safety.”   NSW Police helmet bluetooth - helmet camera road rage helmet cameras

That really means nothing, but it is believed that NSW police have stopped issuing fines to riders for non-compliant helmets based on attachments and an official position on the issue is pending.

Meanwhile, Victorian police have also fined riders for wearing helmet cameras, but their police do not wear them.

Guy says riders need the road rules clarified to remove confusion over use of “attachments” by riders and police.

He says there is no evidence of increased rider injuries due to use of cameras on helmets and that testing of helmets with cameras appears inconclusive.

If a link was ever established, Workplace Health and safety would probably immediately require police to move the cameras from their helmets and trigger a change to road rules, he says.

Tinted visors report

Rider confusion over tinted visors

Rider confusion over tinted visors

HJC releases Star Wars and Marvel helmets Punisher tinted visors

Australian and European helmet standards allow tinted visors that filter only half the available light, yet car windows can be much darker, filtering as much as 65%.

In a strange twist, you can wear sunglasses that filter more than 90% of light.

Furthermore, the interpretation of the helmet laws seems to vary in each state, making it irritatingly confusing for riders.

It also creates an anomaly where motorcycle police wear tinted visors, yet it may be considered illegal for “citizen riders”!

While we haven’t heard of any fines for riders wearing tinted visors, we asked Australian Motorcycle Council Helmets Committee Chair Guy Stanford for his take on the laws regarding tinted visors:

Guy Stanford - Mobile phone while riding - darrk visor helmets tinted visorsGuy ad his tinted Vozz helmet

Riders have been using dark visors since helmets were mandated for use in 1972.

In 2010, changes to the NSW road rules changed the definition of a helmet, providing micro-management of helmet labels and what accessories can be added. 

These changes spread to some other states, so we now have different road rules in different states. 

Use of dark visors is permitted only in Western Australia. In Queensland it is ok under AS/NZS 1698 helmet, but not under ECE 22-05 helmet. All other states require helmets to remain in compliance with the point-of-sale requirements.

Firstly, let’s look at what is a “dark visor”. There is a technical definition, based on Visible Light Transmitted (VLT). A perfectly clear visor will transmit nearly 100% of daylight, whereas a visor with 20% VLT is “dark”, i.e. the lower the VLT, the darker the visor.

Both helmet standards (AS/NZS 1698 and ECE 22-05) require that when offered for sale, the visor must comply with standards that limit VLT of the visor to 50%. This is not very dark at all. For example, car side windows are much darker, being permitted to be tinted to 35% VLT. 

The Australian standard for sunglasses (AS/NZS 1067:2003) allows for sunglasses down to 8% VLT. That’s very dark, but there is no restriction on wearing very dark sunglasses when driving a car.

The problem for riders comes from current road rules that require helmets to continue to be in identical condition as they were when in the box at the shop. This also includes labels and instruction books.

There are several visor standards of relevance and all provide for tests to ensure that when impacted by a high speed rock or piece of gravel, the visor does not break in sharp “shards” that could cut you, particularly in the eye.

For ECE 22-05 helmets, visors at point of sale must comply with the ECE 2205 visor requirements. For AS/NZS 1698:2006, visors at point of sale must comply with AS 1609. Neither allows a dark visor below 50% VLT.

Two USA standards exist that are used for dark visors, one from the American National Standards Institute, ANSI Z.87, and one from the Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission of the US Department of Transportation, VESC-8. 

Both of these test for impact, shatter, optical distortion, colour transmission, in a similar manner to AS 1609 and ECE 22-05.

The ANSI Z.87 standard allows for dark visors down to 14%VLT and VESC-8 allows down to 20% VLT.

Sunglasses are regarded as an accessory for use when driving and similarly, a dark visor is an accessory for a helmet where sunglasses may not be practical at all. 

For example, when entering an underground car park or tunnel, a rider can instantly flip the dark visor out of their vision line, rather than stop, remove and stow away a pair of sunglasses.

The Australian Motorcycle Council has made strong representations to have helmet laws amended to remove the present impediment to use of dark visors in almost all states. 

We applaud Western Australia for their commonsense and practical helmet laws that allow use of dark visors.

60th Birthday Celebrations – 3 weeks and so much has happened :)

Weekend 11-14th November

Weekend with Stace in Bris Vegas at the Sebel

I rode the trike and Stace flew.

My trike was loaded, gear strapped to the frame, on top of the luggage rack and of course the boot was completely chockers.

I had downloaded a book to my Ipad that I used earphones for because the volume/clarity for the Bluetooth wasn’t up to par.

I was continuing on from Brisbane to Bombala and Stace had some work to do on Friday that she couldn’t put off and returning to work on the Tuesday.

Great ride and stopped at GinGin for coffee again, this is becoming my regular break stop. Very good coffee at the rest stop on the north side of Gin Gin.

Next stop Brisbane and in the city trying to find the car park for the Sebel. Eventually, after doing a blocky at least three bloody times I have pulled into a carpark and walked around till I found it. It was almost diaganlly across from where I was, I was looking on the wrong side of the street. 🙁

We had a great time in Brisbane (we usually do together.) Rodriguez on Saturday night. Brilliant in his time but very old and nearly blind now. He still did his songs justice. The lead guitarist would watch him like a hawk and when he started to play he would notify the other band members what he was going to play. It looked like he was using tactile  feel with different hats to help him remember songs. He played a variety of others songs and I still thought he was great.

  • Sugarman
  • I wonder
  • Jane S Piddy
  • Inner City Blues

We were in the middle and only about 5 rows from the front – brilliant seats.


Caught up with Jodie and her husband, a colleague that I had bonded with when she worked at NRG. We reminisced a little, had coffee and the time we all spent together (approx. 3 hrs) was gone in an instant. It was such a hot day in Brisbane we had found a nice coffee shop just down the road from Jodies office at Master Builders.

trevjodiejohn trevnjodie


Caught up with Stace and we went to Southbank and rode the Brisbane wheel. That was a good overview of Brisbane and got some nice photos.

Monday 14th November

Weekend is over and Stace has a 4:30am leave to airport and I leave by 5am to try and get to Sydney in one day.brisbane-to-gosford

No Problem at all. Found a motel Cant remember which one it was I will update later. I thought it was expensive and they recorded lots of information into their booking computer. I was very put out and quizzed them about their computer security and informed them that they were taking a lot of information and could expose their customers to identity fraud and was it required by law?

  • Rego
  • All credit card details
  • license number
  • Address and phone number

Tuesday 15th November

Off to Somersby for  service on the Trike and to get footrests for Stace and a custom Trike cover. Approx $1,00 later I am off to South Windsor to pick up my Teardrop.

Teardrop caravans in South Windsor Frank and ????

trikenteardrop02trikenteardrop01 trikenteardrop03

Frank and ?? from Teardrop caravans recommended a place to camp the night. Coledale beach about two hours away.

Fantastic beach and camping spot right on the water. This was my first night out the location was so picturesque with great amenities.


I am off on the way to Bombala to meet up with Nicole and family.

Wednesday 16th November

However I am stickybeaking on the way and stopped at this nice place.

Kiama Blowhole and lighthouse lookout.

kiama03 kiama01 kiama02

Washerwomans beach 🙂


washerwoman02 washerwoman01 washerwoman03

I’m off again to find a spot for the night and I guess I have to stop dilly dallying and get to Bombala. Nic is starting to send me messages….when are you here etc 🙂 🙂

Found one…Pebble Beach. There are so many great spots

Pebble beach. No phone reception in national park and place was full. Stayed the night, it was the next beach over (depot) where you had to pay at the park rangers office. People there said just leave before 8.

Met so many nice people here who asked me over for drinks, three different families/groups.

pebble02 pebble01Thursday 17th November

I have noticed that when towing the teardrop I am using a lot more fuel. Normally I get about 380kms to 30 litres fuel, but now I get about 300kms to 30 litres fuel. I have a 38 litre tank so there is still quite a bit of reserve. The fuel gauge shows empty at the 30 litre mark so I still have 8 litres to go. I am also using the best fuel I can get.

Off to Bombala


My camp for the next few days at Nicoles place.bombala01

Great catch up with Nic, Jason, Karen, Elyse and an exchange student from Italy, Marta.

Elyse at Merimbula beach





Trikemass Christmas Event with United Trikers at Tincan Bay

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Beautiful weather except for Sunday. Rained all the way from Tincan Bay to Gladstone and COLD.

I  wasn’t prepared for the extremes. Lesson learnt.

My gloves were so wet that when I closed my fist, water run out of the leather. My shoes got wet about 2 hours into the run. No Coat but two shirts, leather vest and the raincoat and pants, bloody hell it was cold and wet.

Stopped at Childers for a piss, I was so cold I couldn’t feel the zip, thought I was going to piss myself at least it would have been warm 🙂

Fuel was topped up in GinGin on the way down and while I was at Childers I topped it off, took 32 litres pretty low about 6 litres left. I would have made it to GinGin though.

The other trikes were aqua planing now and again. Paul was sideways twice trying to correct. I didn’t aqua plan until back in Gladstone on Kirkwoord road, just a quick slip and all was good again.

My helmet fogged up almost the whole day and it needed to be open just a tad. But then the water would hit my face and trickle down my neck and into my shirt.

Met lots of people and their trikes. It was very interesting talking about their lives and where they live etc.

I had a scare on the overtaking lanes where it merges. some arsehole sped up and left me no room to merge back in. If I had a rock I would have chucked it at him. Did I say areshole.img_0828 img_0830

Took the opportunity to say hello to my mum.img_0829 img_0832 img_0904 img_0906 img_0925 img_0919 img_0926 img_0927 img_0910 img_0928 img_0929 img_0932 img_0933

These were my secret Santa presents, I love Staces.img_0908

Trip To Surprise Mum Saturday 8th Oct 2016

Well Stace is away on a girls trip to a craft show in BrisVegas soI decided to surprise my Mum with a visit and I would ring her about an hour from her place to let her know and to give her a bit of warning. But I was the one surprised. Mum rarely leaves without letting me know that she is going somewhere, in this case they had decided to go to Monto to visit some relatives.

I stopped at GinGin for coffee and a guy pulled up on a very flash custom chopper that had been imported from the USA. (it wasn’t a Harly). He was 71 and still riding, looked very fit. I can only hope that I will be as fit as him and still riding at 71. Something to aim for I guess.


Another guy pulled up on a Guzzi, I think it was a calli.

I kind of get annoyed at people who ask me how much my Trike was? Is that wrong of me?

There was a show and shine on at Apple Tree Creek, of course I had to drop in there for a squiz. Bought some Hot Holbrook Sauce (Homemade) and local peaches.

Next stop was for fuel at the roadhouse near Sexy Coffee just before Maryborough. More people asking about the Trike. Someone from NZ this time. He also asked the price and when I told him, he said that’s ok, Harly trike is about 50K. I put him onto United Trikers facebook page as there are a couple in NZ.

At this point I rang Mum and was given the bad news. I had to backtrack an hour and try and catch up to her at Monto.

The road from GinGin thru Mt Perry and onto Monto is a very nice country road with a couple of pubs (I didn’t stop) that looked like they would be worth checking out. There was about 20 kms of dirt in two sections (5 and 15) that were relatively good roads.

I learnt several things on this trip.

  1. Always carry some tools. My mirror had vibrated loose on the corrugation on the dirt road. If it had been something more major, I would have been in trouble.
  2. Get the bloody gps to talk through my helmet set. I have not made it a priority to ensure that the gps blutooths correctly to my headset with my iphone. Having a gps that I cant hear is next to useless.
  3. At 140kph, If I accelerate quickly the trike will kick down and gear and accelerate much faster.
  4. I also learned the top speed of my trike
  5. The computer learned to stay at the higher speeds as it didn’t seem to want to kick down when required.
  6. My CB Radio knocked my gearstick into manual on tight corners. I’ll have to reposition it.

Monto had a very nice rest stop diagonally across from the pub. I asked the bar lady where the Caravan park was but she didn’t know 🙁

The bar lady was very young and quite attractive with a modern dreds look and some tattoos. I just didn’t expect to see such a young, attractive bar lady in an out of the way place like Monto.

Anyway I found the caravan park and Mum and some relatives that had travelled there to meet with my cousins Steven, Neal and family.

I had interrupted an afternoon siesta. but they were happy to see me.



As always, people are interested in the Trike and want to sit on it or go for a ride.  It was nice to meet up with a couple aunts and uncles that I hadn’t met for over twenty years. It was also sad as I missed out on seeing Steven, Neal and their families because I wanted to get back to Gladstone before dark. (Kangaroos)

I took the Boyne Valley way home from Monto. Lots of dirt. Tight corners and corrugation. The roos start to come out about 4ish.


This was the first trip I had taken the Trike on offroad dirt. It was fairly good and no problems.

My foot did get hit by a rock once but that was the only time. It was a wake up call to place my foot in a more mindful place rather than the relaxed position I had.

I used two tanks of fuel. The 38l tank was nearly empty once with only 4.5 litres left…..ooops! That still around 70kms margin.

I am finding as I write my  blog that it would be good to have more photos. I need to get a selfie stick and to get into the habit of taking photos every chance I get.

Oh the girls trip away went good. Looks like the credit card got a hiding 🙂


The next day, I spent about three hours washing and polishing the bling to get it back to the sparkle I am used to. I did wash the other two cars while I was at it.