Bit of a fright today

Installed the Garmin 595 harness today

Unbolted the tank and lifted up and routed the new harness through.

All setup and ready to roll.

Went for a ride and when I tried to start, lights, pump all started but no ignition.

WTF? Check a few things, fuses general look around . Give the gear stick a wiggle and it starts.

Must have moved something under the tank. Darn it.


Alarms and gps tracking

So many people are interested in the trike. Kids run after it and scream out “can I have a ride….please” others stand respectively around and say comments like “sweet ride” etc.


So I am concerned, I already have an alarm from oz trikes


But do I need gps tracker? done some research and found this site



CB Radio

I already have a handheld GME TX6150 so I just have to get bluetooth capability with harness and mount so I can connect to my Cardo SHO-1 helmet communications set.

Spoke to these guys at Soundrider on the sunshine coast who have the harnesses available and they also have mounting kits from RAM mounts.

The plan is to have this mounted on my handlebars, not to have it charging but just mounted in a clip. The charge lasts forever in this anyway. So I just need the bluetooth connectivity and harness installed to the trike.GME TX6150

Teardrop Caravan

I have decided to order the teardrop caravan. Pick up in November.

I have got to stop spending money…..arrrgh its just flowing out. Stace is going to kill me soon 🙁

Quote 01092016 Trevor

This is another customers that they showed me as an example.

My colours will be all silver with black trim, windows, doors and guards.Teardrop Camper example

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I have decided to get a drop axle with mechanical override disc brakes and hand brake. This is so the teardrop is at the same height as the trike and level when towing. 
Not sure I’ve made the right decision as this’ll limit the teardrops use to the trike only. 
I’ll have to make some adjustments to the tow hitch for the 4×4 and just be careful where I can take it.
If I have the teardrop at normal height I’ll have to modify the towing hitch on the trike. That’ll make the teardrop up higher by about another 150 mm, doesn’t sound a lot. 
I wonder if I’ll need load levellers?