Trip To Surprise Mum Saturday 8th Oct 2016

Well Stace is away on a girls trip to a craft show in BrisVegas soI decided to surprise my Mum with a visit and I would ring her about an hour from her place to let her know and to give her a bit of warning. But I was the one surprised. Mum rarely leaves without letting me know that she is going somewhere, in this case they had decided to go to Monto to visit some relatives.

I stopped at GinGin for coffee and a guy pulled up on a very flash custom chopper that had been imported from the USA. (it wasn’t a Harly). He was 71 and still riding, looked very fit. I can only hope that I will be as fit as him and still riding at 71. Something to aim for I guess.


Another guy pulled up on a Guzzi, I think it was a calli.

I kind of get annoyed at people who ask me how much my Trike was? Is that wrong of me?

There was a show and shine on at Apple Tree Creek, of course I had to drop in there for a squiz. Bought some Hot Holbrook Sauce (Homemade) and local peaches.

Next stop was for fuel at the roadhouse near Sexy Coffee just before Maryborough. More people asking about the Trike. Someone from NZ this time. He also asked the price and when I told him, he said that’s ok, Harly trike is about 50K. I put him onto United Trikers facebook page as there are a couple in NZ.

At this point I rang Mum and was given the bad news. I had to backtrack an hour and try and catch up to her at Monto.

The road from GinGin thru Mt Perry and onto Monto is a very nice country road with a couple of pubs (I didn’t stop) that looked like they would be worth checking out. There was about 20 kms of dirt in two sections (5 and 15) that were relatively good roads.

I learnt several things on this trip.

  1. Always carry some tools. My mirror had vibrated loose on the corrugation on the dirt road. If it had been something more major, I would have been in trouble.
  2. Get the bloody gps to talk through my helmet set. I have not made it a priority to ensure that the gps blutooths correctly to my headset with my iphone. Having a gps that I cant hear is next to useless.
  3. At 140kph, If I accelerate quickly the trike will kick down and gear and accelerate much faster.
  4. I also learned the top speed of my trike
  5. The computer learned to stay at the higher speeds as it didn’t seem to want to kick down when required.
  6. My CB Radio knocked my gearstick into manual on tight corners. I’ll have to reposition it.

Monto had a very nice rest stop diagonally across from the pub. I asked the bar lady where the Caravan park was but she didn’t know 🙁

The bar lady was very young and quite attractive with a modern dreds look and some tattoos. I just didn’t expect to see such a young, attractive bar lady in an out of the way place like Monto.

Anyway I found the caravan park and Mum and some relatives that had travelled there to meet with my cousins Steven, Neal and family.

I had interrupted an afternoon siesta. but they were happy to see me.



As always, people are interested in the Trike and want to sit on it or go for a ride.  It was nice to meet up with a couple aunts and uncles that I hadn’t met for over twenty years. It was also sad as I missed out on seeing Steven, Neal and their families because I wanted to get back to Gladstone before dark. (Kangaroos)

I took the Boyne Valley way home from Monto. Lots of dirt. Tight corners and corrugation. The roos start to come out about 4ish.


This was the first trip I had taken the Trike on offroad dirt. It was fairly good and no problems.

My foot did get hit by a rock once but that was the only time. It was a wake up call to place my foot in a more mindful place rather than the relaxed position I had.

I used two tanks of fuel. The 38l tank was nearly empty once with only 4.5 litres left…..ooops! That still around 70kms margin.

I am finding as I write my  blog that it would be good to have more photos. I need to get a selfie stick and to get into the habit of taking photos every chance I get.

Oh the girls trip away went good. Looks like the credit card got a hiding 🙂


The next day, I spent about three hours washing and polishing the bling to get it back to the sparkle I am used to. I did wash the other two cars while I was at it.