Trikemass Christmas Event with United Trikers at Tincan Bay

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Beautiful weather except for Sunday. Rained all the way from Tincan Bay to Gladstone and COLD.

I  wasn’t prepared for the extremes. Lesson learnt.

My gloves were so wet that when I closed my fist, water run out of the leather. My shoes got wet about 2 hours into the run. No Coat but two shirts, leather vest and the raincoat and pants, bloody hell it was cold and wet.

Stopped at Childers for a piss, I was so cold I couldn’t feel the zip, thought I was going to piss myself at least it would have been warm 🙂

Fuel was topped up in GinGin on the way down and while I was at Childers I topped it off, took 32 litres pretty low about 6 litres left. I would have made it to GinGin though.

The other trikes were aqua planing now and again. Paul was sideways twice trying to correct. I didn’t aqua plan until back in Gladstone on Kirkwoord road, just a quick slip and all was good again.

My helmet fogged up almost the whole day and it needed to be open just a tad. But then the water would hit my face and trickle down my neck and into my shirt.

Met lots of people and their trikes. It was very interesting talking about their lives and where they live etc.

I had a scare on the overtaking lanes where it merges. some arsehole sped up and left me no room to merge back in. If I had a rock I would have chucked it at him. Did I say areshole.img_0828 img_0830

Took the opportunity to say hello to my mum.img_0829 img_0832 img_0904 img_0906 img_0925 img_0919 img_0926 img_0927 img_0910 img_0928 img_0929 img_0932 img_0933

These were my secret Santa presents, I love Staces.img_0908