60th Birthday Celebrations – 3 weeks and so much has happened :)

Weekend 11-14th November

Weekend with Stace in Bris Vegas at the Sebel

I rode the trike and Stace flew.

My trike was loaded, gear strapped to the frame, on top of the luggage rack and of course the boot was completely chockers.

I had downloaded a book to my Ipad that I used earphones for because the volume/clarity for the Bluetooth wasn’t up to par.

I was continuing on from Brisbane to Bombala and Stace had some work to do on Friday that she couldn’t put off and returning to work on the Tuesday.

Great ride and stopped at GinGin for coffee again, this is becoming my regular break stop. Very good coffee at the rest stop on the north side of Gin Gin.

Next stop Brisbane and in the city trying to find the car park for the Sebel. Eventually, after doing a blocky at least three bloody times I have pulled into a carpark and walked around till I found it. It was almost diaganlly across from where I was, I was looking on the wrong side of the street. 🙁

We had a great time in Brisbane (we usually do together.) Rodriguez on Saturday night. Brilliant in his time but very old and nearly blind now. He still did his songs justice. The lead guitarist would watch him like a hawk and when he started to play he would notify the other band members what he was going to play. It looked like he was using tactile  feel with different hats to help him remember songs. He played a variety of others songs and I still thought he was great.

  • Sugarman
  • I wonder
  • Jane S Piddy
  • Inner City Blues

We were in the middle and only about 5 rows from the front – brilliant seats.


Caught up with Jodie and her husband, a colleague that I had bonded with when she worked at NRG. We reminisced a little, had coffee and the time we all spent together (approx. 3 hrs) was gone in an instant. It was such a hot day in Brisbane we had found a nice coffee shop just down the road from Jodies office at Master Builders.

trevjodiejohn trevnjodie


Caught up with Stace and we went to Southbank and rode the Brisbane wheel. That was a good overview of Brisbane and got some nice photos.

Monday 14th November

Weekend is over and Stace has a 4:30am leave to airport and I leave by 5am to try and get to Sydney in one day.brisbane-to-gosford

No Problem at all. Found a motel Cant remember which one it was I will update later. I thought it was expensive and they recorded lots of information into their booking computer. I was very put out and quizzed them about their computer security and informed them that they were taking a lot of information and could expose their customers to identity fraud and was it required by law?

  • Rego
  • All credit card details
  • license number
  • Address and phone number

Tuesday 15th November

Off to Somersby for  service on the Trike and to get footrests for Stace and a custom Trike cover. Approx $1,00 later I am off to South Windsor to pick up my Teardrop.

Teardrop caravans in South Windsor Frank and ????

trikenteardrop02trikenteardrop01 trikenteardrop03

Frank and ?? from Teardrop caravans recommended a place to camp the night. Coledale beach about two hours away.

Fantastic beach and camping spot right on the water. This was my first night out the location was so picturesque with great amenities.


I am off on the way to Bombala to meet up with Nicole and family.

Wednesday 16th November

However I am stickybeaking on the way and stopped at this nice place.

Kiama Blowhole and lighthouse lookout.

kiama03 kiama01 kiama02

Washerwomans beach 🙂


washerwoman02 washerwoman01 washerwoman03

I’m off again to find a spot for the night and I guess I have to stop dilly dallying and get to Bombala. Nic is starting to send me messages….when are you here etc 🙂 🙂

Found one…Pebble Beach. There are so many great spots

Pebble beach. No phone reception in national park and place was full. Stayed the night, it was the next beach over (depot) where you had to pay at the park rangers office. People there said just leave before 8.

Met so many nice people here who asked me over for drinks, three different families/groups.

pebble02 pebble01Thursday 17th November

I have noticed that when towing the teardrop I am using a lot more fuel. Normally I get about 380kms to 30 litres fuel, but now I get about 300kms to 30 litres fuel. I have a 38 litre tank so there is still quite a bit of reserve. The fuel gauge shows empty at the 30 litre mark so I still have 8 litres to go. I am also using the best fuel I can get.

Off to Bombala


My camp for the next few days at Nicoles place.bombala01

Great catch up with Nic, Jason, Karen, Elyse and an exchange student from Italy, Marta.

Elyse at Merimbula beach