Sunday 8th Jan

I’m off today from Black River to an overnight at Bushland beach with BBQ with friends Robyn and Richard.

The battery on the camper needs charging so if the rain keeps away I’ll put the solar cell out. Most of my battery devices need charging fully anyway. I’m using the ryobi one+ fan and light. The iPad and iPhone are at 50%

need to help Wayne out today with the sail, pick up the gear from Cams and be at Bushland beach by 5pm as Tanya’s baby (3 years old) needs the routine of bed by a certain time.

its been 5 days of esky ice and the inside olive container has leaked all thru and everything is oily, yuk! Otherwise couple bags refresh and still all good. Still have way too much meat not frozen. They have been professionally vacced so should be good.


Friday 6th Jan 2017

It rained all night. Townsville really needs it they are on hand held Two day between 3 and 6 restrictions. Something like that, pretty severe and the country side and gardens are very dry.


Well I was supposed to visit grandkids but something has happened and that can’t happen …oh well.


I’m off to Ingham to visit some very good friends Richard and Robyn who have a “beach house” at Forest beach. Elysse, Karen’s granddaughter who is 11 has elected to come with me.

We set off and it’s raining almost all the way but when we get there it fine and muggy. I didn’t get any photos again!  I have to learn to just take snaps anytime .


They have a very nice block concrete ground floor three bedroom house air conditioned and very nicely done up. It’s about five house from the beach.

We’re welcome to use it anytime they say. Pity it’s so far away from Gladstone but you never know. It’s a sleepy little place, good for relaxing

Invited to BBQ Sunday night at their house in Townsville at Bushland beach. I can’t wait to have a gander at Robs crystal collection to see the new additions since I last saw it about 4years ago. It’s a massive private collection with a significant shelf investment.

Robyn commented on my weight, very rude I thought, but sadly appropriate.

They both look great.

Return To Townsvile and it rained very heavily all the way, cars were travelling about 50-60ks an hour. Both sides of the road were beginning to look like lakes. So slow trip home.

Elysse was getting anxious her dad was picking her up to take her to a girls night sleepover she was excited about.

I’m still at Black river, Wayne has cooked up coconut curried sausages in the thermomix. It tasted very nice but looked like a lot of mucking around to me. I am not a big fan of the thermomix, I thinks it’s a very expensive con.




Sat 7th Jan

Rain has stopped although it’s still overcast.

Talked to Stace last night and the grass is growing while you watch so I’ll have a lot to mow when I get home on the 17th or there a bouts.

Off to Cams today to make jerky.

jerky made and it’s a hit with most.


There is still some meat still in the marinade that still needs to be put in the dehydrator, so I’ve left it and the vacuum sealer with them to finish up and I’ll pick up tomorrow.

returned back to my camp at Karen and Wayne’s and stop on the way at the bottlo to pick up some Shiraz pepperkack. Got two ?

Stopped st Coles some salad as we having corned meat tonight. It’s from Daniel he pumps maple syrup concoction into it, can’t wait to taste it.

run into Richard and Robyn who is all red and coughing her heart up.

Dinner is ready and there’s extra guests Tamara, Sam and Kayley who is two and a half, very cute.

few quite drinks and off to bed around 9ish, slept like a log.

Wayne  needs some help putting up a shade sail tomorrow




Day with Cam and kids

Thursday 5th Jan 2017

I’ve made breakfast and cooked my coffee just need a shower and I’m off for the day with Cam and the grandkids James, Connor, Fin and Tamika.

Problem! The house is having some renovations and the water is off, oh well guess I’ll shower at Cams.

Good day with them all except Sue who has to work.

Played cards, Master and slave.

A board game which I think is called tracks.

kids wanted subway for lunch.

Went 10 pin bowling and looks like a blue light disco happening.

Watched James and Connor play the looooooongest  game of snooker ever. Had to smile. 

All of them have have tablet type devices and use them incessantly and carry them around like a blanky, I would never do that?

I would and have turned the house over if I misplaced my iPad, it goes with me everywhere.

They all look very happy and healthy.

i take my leave around 5:30 and head back to Karen’s.

she (Karen)is sick as a dog has been to the doctors all day so the corn meat is on late. Oh well steak again on the BBQ life is so tuff.

shower and off to my camp and give the hugs and kisses a call who is also sick. Stace sounds a lot better.

we chat for a bit but I’m not used to all the kids and the constant on th go…..I’m exhausted and fall straight to sleep, it’s about 9pm.



Next stop Townsville

Wednesday the 4th Jan 2017

There are 6 in Cams family so I pull in to Daniels work and pick up some quality beef.

1x whole waygu rump

1x whole porterhouse steak

1x capoff topside

Daniel has cut them for me and individually cryvaced the rump and porterhouse. Thank you Daniel.?

The topside I intend to make jerky of. James the oldest grandson, 14…..15 on the 31st Jan says he loves it. I am carting my huge dehydrator around in the back of the 4wd

Just before Home Hill thru to half way between Ayr and Townsville I went thru the heaviest rain I have ever seen. Like what I imagine driving in a waterfall would be like. Cars have slowed right down using the tai lights of the car ahead and the centre line for guidance. Can’t stop or pull over too dangerous.

Cam seems to be very busy and left text message saying he is out till 5:30  so that’s a bit late for me to be travelling around towing a van so give our adopted sister Karen a call. Yes we’re home come around and set up in the garage, stay as long as you want.


They have other guests, their niece Alyse and some friends Tamara and Sammy.

Alyse is such a lovely girl, she is 10 years of age. I’ve met her a couple time over the last 3 years.

We try out Daniels waygu rump steak for dinner on the BBQ medium . It’s so tender the knife slices thru it without hardly any resistance and the tast is sensational. It’s a great hit with everyone.

Visit Cameron in Townsville

Tuesday 4th January 2017

It’s the first day of my being unemployed and I’m off to visit Cameron in Townsville, it’s absolutely throwing it down.

I’m taking the 4wd drive just in case I need it with the grandkids. 4 grandkids, James, Connor, Finn and Tamika.

Traffic to here wasn’t too bad and no issues . I did stop at a little roadside reststop between st Lawrence and Mackay where I judged the corner in too late and with the rain and the weight of the trailer slid the front wheels a bit. Whoops! Heart started a bit faster then? . Trailer brakes where off as well. They’re back on now.?

First overnight at my sisters place, Maree and Daniel at Arlie beach, the trip seemed to take ages. Left at 6:30 and arrived at 2:30. 8 hrs with a couple stops.

I am supplying dinner so just a little salad shopping to compliment the 2ks of scallop meat left over from Christmas.

Filled up with fuel all set.

I decided to do the beach side road thru Arlie. Stopped to stretch my legs and do the obligatory walk around the pool when in Arlie, lots of pink tipped white pointers?.

Maree texted saying they took kids for swim and to let her know when I get in? It’s nearly 93% humidity and 32c so really tropical weather. I really have to design how to put an air conditioner in the little teardrop. Very soon.

Only staying one night here as I want to catch up with Cam and family. Haven’t seen them in a year.

My camp has slowly been supplemented with some luxuries one of which is the accessories for the one+ series of ryobi batteries.

I now have two 5 and 1×4 amp batteries, a torch and fan. The fan is fantastic it.

One of my triker mates Paul Cupitt recommended that I put it down around my feet as he found this to be the best because the air gets a little hot and trapped down ther where I put my feet. It was originally up top where the light is (see photo above)

Best place ever, works like a treat and lasts all night only uses about two of the used bars on a 4amp battery from 8:30 till 7:30 about 11hours on the slow speed. I then use a 12v charger from Ryobi.