Next stop Townsville

Wednesday the 4th Jan 2017

There are 6 in Cams family so I pull in to Daniels work and pick up some quality beef.

1x whole waygu rump

1x whole porterhouse steak

1x capoff topside

Daniel has cut them for me and individually cryvaced the rump and porterhouse. Thank you Daniel.?

The topside I intend to make jerky of. James the oldest grandson, 14…..15 on the 31st Jan says he loves it. I am carting my huge dehydrator around in the back of the 4wd

Just before Home Hill thru to half way between Ayr and Townsville I went thru the heaviest rain I have ever seen. Like what I imagine driving in a waterfall would be like. Cars have slowed right down using the tai lights of the car ahead and the centre line for guidance. Can’t stop or pull over too dangerous.

Cam seems to be very busy and left text message saying he is out till 5:30 ┬áso that’s a bit late for me to be travelling around towing a van so give our adopted sister Karen a call. Yes we’re home come around and set up in the garage, stay as long as you want.


They have other guests, their niece Alyse and some friends Tamara and Sammy.

Alyse is such a lovely girl, she is 10 years of age. I’ve met her a couple time over the last 3 years.

We try out Daniels waygu rump steak for dinner on the BBQ medium . It’s so tender the knife slices thru it without hardly any resistance and the tast is sensational. It’s a great hit with everyone.

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