Visit Cameron in Townsville

Tuesday 4th January 2017

It’s the first day of my being unemployed and I’m off to visit Cameron in Townsville, it’s absolutely throwing it down.

I’m taking the 4wd drive just in case I need it with the grandkids. 4 grandkids, James, Connor, Finn and Tamika.

Traffic to here wasn’t too bad and no issues . I did stop at a little roadside reststop between st Lawrence and Mackay where I judged the corner in too late and with the rain and the weight of the trailer slid the front wheels a bit. Whoops! Heart started a bit faster then? . Trailer brakes where off as well. They’re back on now.?

First overnight at my sisters place, Maree and Daniel at Arlie beach, the trip seemed to take ages. Left at 6:30 and arrived at 2:30. 8 hrs with a couple stops.

I am supplying dinner so just a little salad shopping to compliment the 2ks of scallop meat left over from Christmas.

Filled up with fuel all set.

I decided to do the beach side road thru Arlie. Stopped to stretch my legs and do the obligatory walk around the pool when in Arlie, lots of pink tipped white pointers?.

Maree texted saying they took kids for swim and to let her know when I get in? It’s nearly 93% humidity and 32c so really tropical weather. I really have to design how to put an air conditioner in the little teardrop. Very soon.

Only staying one night here as I want to catch up with Cam and family. Haven’t seen them in a year.

My camp has slowly been supplemented with some luxuries one of which is the accessories for the one+ series of ryobi batteries.

I now have two 5 and 1×4 amp batteries, a torch and fan. The fan is fantastic it.

One of my triker mates Paul Cupitt recommended that I put it down around my feet as he found this to be the best because the air gets a little hot and trapped down ther where I put my feet. It was originally up top where the light is (see photo above)

Best place ever, works like a treat and lasts all night only uses about two of the used bars on a 4amp battery from 8:30 till 7:30 about 11hours on the slow speed. I then use a 12v charger from Ryobi.



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