Day with Cam and kids

Thursday 5th Jan 2017

I’ve made breakfast and cooked my coffee just need a shower and I’m off for the day with Cam and the grandkids James, Connor, Fin and Tamika.

Problem! The house is having some renovations and the water is off, oh well guess I’ll shower at Cams.

Good day with them all except Sue who has to work.

Played cards, Master and slave.

A board game which I think is called tracks.

kids wanted subway for lunch.

Went 10 pin bowling and looks like a blue light disco happening.

Watched James and Connor play the looooooongest  game of snooker ever. Had to smile. 

All of them have have tablet type devices and use them incessantly and carry them around like a blanky, I would never do that?

I would and have turned the house over if I misplaced my iPad, it goes with me everywhere.

They all look very happy and healthy.

i take my leave around 5:30 and head back to Karen’s.

she (Karen)is sick as a dog has been to the doctors all day so the corn meat is on late. Oh well steak again on the BBQ life is so tuff.

shower and off to my camp and give the hugs and kisses a call who is also sick. Stace sounds a lot better.

we chat for a bit but I’m not used to all the kids and the constant on th go…..I’m exhausted and fall straight to sleep, it’s about 9pm.



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