Friday 6th Jan 2017

It rained all night. Townsville really needs it they are on hand held Two day between 3 and 6 restrictions. Something like that, pretty severe and the country side and gardens are very dry.


Well I was supposed to visit grandkids but something has happened and that can’t happen …oh well.


I’m off to Ingham to visit some very good friends Richard and Robyn who have a “beach house” at Forest beach. Elysse, Karen’s granddaughter who is 11 has elected to come with me.

We set off and it’s raining almost all the way but when we get there it fine and muggy. I didn’t get any photos again!  I have to learn to just take snaps anytime .


They have a very nice block concrete ground floor three bedroom house air conditioned and very nicely done up. It’s about five house from the beach.

We’re welcome to use it anytime they say. Pity it’s so far away from Gladstone but you never know. It’s a sleepy little place, good for relaxing

Invited to BBQ Sunday night at their house in Townsville at Bushland beach. I can’t wait to have a gander at Robs crystal collection to see the new additions since I last saw it about 4years ago. It’s a massive private collection with a significant shelf investment.

Robyn commented on my weight, very rude I thought, but sadly appropriate.

They both look great.

Return To Townsvile and it rained very heavily all the way, cars were travelling about 50-60ks an hour. Both sides of the road were beginning to look like lakes. So slow trip home.

Elysse was getting anxious her dad was picking her up to take her to a girls night sleepover she was excited about.

I’m still at Black river, Wayne has cooked up coconut curried sausages in the thermomix. It tasted very nice but looked like a lot of mucking around to me. I am not a big fan of the thermomix, I thinks it’s a very expensive con.




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