Sat 7th Jan

Rain has stopped although it’s still overcast.

Talked to Stace last night and the grass is growing while you watch so I’ll have a lot to mow when I get home on the 17th or there a bouts.

Off to Cams today to make jerky.

jerky made and it’s a hit with most.


There is still some meat still in the marinade that still needs to be put in the dehydrator, so I’ve left it and the vacuum sealer with them to finish up and I’ll pick up tomorrow.

returned back to my camp at Karen and Wayne’s and stop on the way at the bottlo to pick up some Shiraz pepperkack. Got two ?

Stopped st Coles some salad as we having corned meat tonight. It’s from Daniel he pumps maple syrup concoction into it, can’t wait to taste it.

run into Richard and Robyn who is all red and coughing her heart up.

Dinner is ready and there’s extra guests Tamara, Sam and Kayley who is two and a half, very cute.

few quite drinks and off to bed around 9ish, slept like a log.

Wayne  needs some help putting up a shade sail tomorrow




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