Sunday 8th Jan

I’m off today from Black River to an overnight at Bushland beach with BBQ with friends Robyn and Richard.

The battery on the camper needs charging so if the rain keeps away I’ll put the solar cell out. Most of my battery devices need charging fully anyway. I’m using the ryobi one+ fan and light. The iPad and iPhone are at 50%

need to help Wayne out today with the sail, pick up the gear from Cams and be at Bushland beach by 5pm as Tanya’s baby (3 years old) needs the routine of bed by a certain time.

its been 5 days of esky ice and the inside olive container has leaked all thru and everything is oily, yuk! Otherwise couple bags refresh and still all good. Still have way too much meat not frozen. They have been professionally vacced so should be good.


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