Prototype mudguard on the Trike.

I saw this was I was away in Port Macquarie. So I’ve given ago. This is actually my second attempt. The first was about an inch away from the ground but when I sat on it, it was very close to the ground and it threw sand and gravel continuously showering me and brushing the road, the exact opposite of what I was looking for.

So its now about an inch and a half above the ground when I’m sitting on it. Yet to give it a go.

Parts List

  1. Spray Suppressor brush (from a truck guard in a half circle shape, I just straightened the piece I needed)
  2. Aluminium checker plate (Bunnings)
  3. Sail Track (Bunnings)
  4. 2 x T-Bolt Clamps (Truck supply place)
  5. Small stainless steel strap about 50mm each, I used a spare clamp which I cut with tin snips.
  6. 5 pop rivets

Process and Info

The clamp holds the s/s strap bent at right angles and pop riveted to the checker plate.

The checker plate is pop riveted to the checker plate


13mm ring spanner for the mudguard bolts. It was easier to remove the whole mudguard.

10mm for the T-Bolt